The teachers at Castlemaine Primary School are committed to providing a high quality education that is individualised to meet each child’s learning needs and interests. Our teaching practice is based on current research and supported by a range of teaching and learning initiatives.


The CAFE reading approach consists of four components, with strategies taught through whole class investigation, individual conferences, and shared reading experiences. The acronym stands for comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary. Junior classes build their stamina over the year, whilst senior classes generally read for a minimum of 20 minutes each morning whilst teachers conduct individual conferences. Connected writing is an approach that links writing to a ‘real’ experience and an identified audience. The aim is to provide students with a reason to write that is both meaningful and engaging. The SMART Spelling program is a new addition to our writing program and aims to ensure all students have access to a consistent and sequenced approach to language instruction.


Castlemaine Primary School has a school wide approach to mathematics that reflects the needs and diversity of our learners. This approach to mathematics combines both skill and concept based instruction, with the overall aim to provide students with the opportunity to develop strong number fluency and problem solving skills. Teachers plan units of work that correspond to each child’s point of need, using targeted assessment to establish prior learning. Units provide time for students to learn and master new skills before applying them problem situations. This process of learn, practise, apply, and reflect provides students with the opportunity to positively engage with the mathematics curriculum, encouraging the development of confident and creative mathematicians.

All students participate in the following specialist subjects each week:

    • French
    • Visual Arts
    • Music and Performance


    • Students participate in a wide range of district sports, camps and excursions/incursions related to classroom work
    • Senior students participate in the school’s leadership program which includes the Better Buddies program and the Student Representative Council
    • Friday vegetable garden club
    • Swimming program
    • Bike Ed program
    • Physical Education